About Us


Our company is serving food and pulses in Turkey and Syria are among the best in the production and sales companies.

In addition, under KADIRANI brand, we are in the service of buying and selling real estate.

Our company serves more than 35 years in Al-Bab and surrounding cities.

Since 2000, our lentil production and sales have reached to the highest quality standards according to their counterparts in the world.Also, using the most modern machines in our El Naklil El Arabi lentil processing plant, we opened the service in El Bab.

We sell our products in Syria and other countries with our sales in the stores we opened in the retail sector.

In 2013, we opened two new branches in Gaziantep and Mersin. In 2016 we are serving the whole world with the best quality products with our facility we opened with Sanliurfada under the Aboutname of NASİP lentil